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Fish & Seafood

Novom Holdings Limited Sets Sail with Kenyan Fish & Seafood Exports

In the azure waters off the Kenyan coast, where the ocean breathes life into the shores, Novom Holdings Limited has emerged as a pioneering commercial grower and exporter of an array of fish and seafood, setting sail with freshness and quality.

For over five years, our commitment to delivering oceanic delights has made us the captain of choice for customers across the Middle East, Gulf Countries, Europe, North Africa, Latin America, and the USA.

Novom Holdings Limited invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of the ocean. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a chef, or a distributor, our fish and seafood promise to elevate your dining experience.

Novom Holdings Limited welcomes you to experience the taste of the ocean with our premium fish and seafood. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing the freshness and excellence of Kenyan marine treasures to your table.


Novom Advantage

Diverse Marine Collection

From the succulent sweetness of prawns to the rich, flaky texture of tilapia and the buttery taste of lobster, our diverse marine collection is a testament to the abundance of the Indian Ocean.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

Novom Holdings Limited is committed to responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Our fish and seafood are sourced using methods that prioritize the health of marine ecosystems.

Global Sourcing, Local Expertise

Our fish and seafood have traversed the oceans, bringing the essence of Kenyan marine flavors to culinary enthusiasts worldwide. Novom combines global reach with local expertise, ensuring that our products meet the highest international standards.

Holistic Product Range

In addition to fish and seafood, Novom Holdings Limited also offers a variety of organic products, reflecting our commitment to holistic and sustainable agricultural practices.

On-Time Delivery

Time is of the essence in international trade. Our efficient logistics and supply chain management guarantee on-time delivery, meeting deadlines.

Build Lasting partnerships.

Our success is intertwined with the success of our clients. We take pride in contributing to the growth and prosperity of businesses around the globe.


Helpful Faq’s

Our diverse collection includes prawns, tilapia, lobster, tuna, and more. Contact us for a detailed catalog.

We employ state-of-the-art cold chain logistics and packaging methods to maintain the freshness and quality of our fish and seafood during export.

Absolutely! Whether you're a restaurant, hotel, or distributor, we have the capacity to fulfill orders of all sizes. Connect with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, sustainability is a key focus for us. We prioritize responsible fishing practices to ensure the long-term health of marine ecosystems.

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